About Rainbow

Since 1990, we’ve built up a reputation as a premium day care nursery.

We put it down to simple things such as the  quality of our staff, dedication, understanding and sheer passion for what we do.

Rainbow Nursery was established in 1990 at it’s present site in Barkston Ash, where the spacious building and grounds allow for facilities to be separate enough to concentrate on key areas, but part of one unit to ensure a continual care and development of your children.
Rainbow’s ‘Baby Nursery’, ‘Day Nursery’, ‘Preschool’ and ‘Junior Club’ all make up the entire service offering,  and are all based upon the 6 acres of private land in Barkston Ash, overlooking idyllic countryside.

Our ethos is simple, and is based upon basic principles of care, understanding and development. Further into this document, we will explain our policies regarding Personal & Social Development, Knowledge & Understanding, Physical Development, Creative Development, Language and Literacy, Mathematical Development and the final key ingredient - fun.

We aim to provide a service of the highest quality at all times by offering a caring and welcoming environment which meets all the collective, and individual, needs of the children in our care.


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