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Baby Nursery

Our Baby Nursery is children aged between 6 weeks and 2 years of age. We have 4 rooms in the baby nursery. The children are in mixed age groups, this gives the children opportunities to mix with both older and younger children. The ratio within the baby nursery is one nursery practitioner to every three children and the nursery practitioners within your child’s room stay in the same room so there is continuity for the children.

We understand the importance and benefits of sleep for children, therefore we have a separate room for the babies to go to sleep if they sleep in a cot. We also have pushchairs and sleep mats for the babies to sleep in the room if you prefer. As we follow children’s individual routines we have children sleeping at different points during the day – however we endeavour to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere when the children are going to sleep.  Children are checked on every 10 minutes when they are sleeping.

We ask that you provide formula or breast milk for your child if they have milk during the day (we provide cows milk). If your child is having formula milk we ask that you send an empty serialised bottle/s, and formula. To help us minimise the risk of bottles going missing we do ask that you labels these with your child’s name.

Your child will be provided with a box so that all of their belongings can be kept at nursery so that you do not have to remember nappies, baby wipes etc. every day

Hygiene is of high priority for us, and special care is taken at this delicate stage; changing mats are disinfected after each nappy change, staff wear disposable aprons and gloves for changing nappies. Anti-bacterial hand gel is available for parents, visitors and staff entering all rooms in the nursery.

Meals consist of light breakfast, such as toast and cereal, a well-balanced hot meal at lunch and a snack for tea. Menus are displayed within the nursery to allow parents to see what we have planned for the weeks ahead.  Meals can be pureed for weaning children.

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