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Our preschool is children from 3/4 years of age, for at least a year before they start school. There are 4 rooms within our preschool. The children are in mixed age groups. The ratio within the preschool is one nursery practitioner to every eight children. As with the baby nursery and day nursery the nursery practitioners within your child’s room stay the same so there is continuity for the children.

As preschool is the last step before going to ‘Big School’ the nursery practitioners start preparing the children for this. This includes having register time on a morning, looking at days of the week, months of the year, beginning to count bigger numbers etc. We ask that you provide indoor shoes for your child, as well as outdoor shoes and wellington boots. This will get your child used to changing into their indoor shoes when they arrive at preschool as they will do at school.

We encourage the children’s independence in preschool and will have leader or helper for the day. This child will help to set up the tables at lunch time, they will be the leader of the line when it time to go outside and will help with other ‘jobs’ throughout the day.

We have our golden rules within preschool to encourage positive behaviour, we talk to the children about these on a regular basis to promote this.

As with day nursery there are child height sinks and toilets in preschool, and we encourage children’s independence in using these. There are also potties available for the children to use if they prefer and nappy changing facilities for those children who wear nappies.

Your child will be provided with a box if they wear nappies or a bag if they are fully potty/toilet trained to keep all of their belongings in at nursery.

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