As we may have mentioned, one thing we are not short of at Rainbow Nursery is outdoor space. Physical development is a key part of a child's development and we've put a lot of time into our outdoor space. Our site is in excess of 6 acres, with areas designed and installed by children's play area specialists, meaning consideration has been given to learning and safety as well as fun.

There's no such thing as poor weather with us - just poor clothing! It takes extreme weather to keep us indoors at Rainbow. We have lots of all in one showerproof suits for the children to wear, but we do ask you to bring wellington boots. And when the sun is out, please send your child with sun cream and a sun hat. We do avoid the sun between 11am-2pm and only stay out for short periods in very hot weather.

Play and the outdoors is of course is great fun and gives the opportunity to learn through nature. Children are constantly monitored by the practitioners and the outdoor area is no exception. Safety and security are high on our mind, but minor cuts, bruises and grazes are all unfortunately part of growing up and these are dealt with our Accident Recording procedure which ensures these are correctly dealt with and that you are informed of these incidents.

Children have the opportunity to play on or with:

  • swings
  • climbing frame
  • slides
  • bouncy castle
  • natural play areas; mud-pits, den-making
  • natural play gardens for 0-5 year olds
  • 'Wilderness' area



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