Your Child at Rainbow

So what can you expect from us if your child comes to Rainbow.  According to OFSTED...

"Children are supported by a team of experienced staff who have a good understanding of how children learn. They skilfully interact with children during a range of challenging and interesting activities, supporting them to develop their thinking skills.

Children are provided with rich opportunities to investigate and explore as they access an exciting and very well-resourced outdoor environment. As a result, children develop their all-round physical skills and adopt healthy lifestyles.

Children are happy and settled within the setting because the staff are caring and friendly. They work very closely with the family through a robust induction procedure to ensure that they are well aware of children's individual routines and interests.

The staff work very well together as a team. They are dedicated to the work that they do and strive to develop their knowledge and skills through a good range of training events. They make regular enhancements to their setting to raise the quality of care and learning for children."

(Taken from our 2013 OFSTED Report, Rated Good.)


Positive Relationships

Before your child starts at Rainbow Nursery we will arrange settling in sessions, this gives you chance to meet the nursery practitioners who will be looking after your child, and for you to pass on information with regards to your child's routine, stage of development, stage of weaning etc.

Your child will be allocated a 'key person' who will meet you on your child's first visit.  The key person is your child's main carer when they are at nursery and will complete developmental records in line with the EYFS.

What is the 'Key Person' role?

Children thrive from a base of loving and secure relationships.  A key person is a named practitioner with responsibilities for a small group of children, who will help those children to feel safe and cared for when they are in nursery.

Although the children at Rainbow are allocated a key person, all of the nursery practitioners know all of the children just as they know their key children, this is vital should your child's key person be absent from work or on holiday.  We feel that it is important for children to mix with different age groups, so as well as having mixed age groups within their room, the children mix with older/ younger children when playing outside.

As well as developing positive relationships with yourself and your child, we also develop relationships with outside agencies such as Speech and Language Therapists, Parent Support Advisors and North Yorkshire Learning and Teaching Consultants.  Having positive relationships with such agencies ensure that we meet your child's developmental needs tot the highest possible standards.   Please do not hesitate to ask about such support or advice.

Unique Child

Every child is unique, and not just because they are yours but because they are simply their own person.  We offer a varied day and our aim is to ensure the children are stimulated, educated and entertained.  We have a flexible daily routine to ensure we can meet every individual child's needs.  We provide a wide range of activities suitable for the individual needs and stages of development throughout the nursery, some of these adult led and others child-led.  They have the opportunity to express themselves through music, dance, painting and messy play.  this is why we advise that you do not send your child to Rainbow in their best clothes... Getting messy is lots of fun!


Please see the following sections to give an idea of your child's day at Rainbow:

- Eating

- Playing

- Learning


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