Mealtimes at Rainbow are a social event, all of the children sit together along with a nursery practitioner who encourages them and offer support where necessary.

From a young age the children are encouraged to sit at a table to eat, the children in baby nursery who are unable to sit at a table have a low feeding chair so they are still at the same level as the other children.

The Rainbow Menu is varied and nutritious, all of our food is freshly prepared on site each day by our cooks.  We provide a breakfast such as toast and cereal, a well-balanced tow curse hot lunch and light tea.  Our two week menu is displayed throughout the nursery so you can look at what your child has eaten that day.

We also cater for all stages of weaning - all we ask is that you keep us informed as to where you are with weaning at home and we will mirror this at nursery.

Children are offered drinks throughout the day and with their meals. They also have 2 snacks a day usually mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  As we encourage children to be independent, the preschool children have 'free flow' snack which enables the children to access fruit, breadsticks or crackers themselves at any time when the snack area is open.  This is monitored closely by the practitioners.  Water is available for the children to help themselves to all day in day nursery and preschool.  The children in baby nursery are offered water at regular intervals during the day.

You do not need to worry about bringing bibs, flannels, cups etc.  We provide all of these for your child.  If you would prefer your child to have their own cup from home, this is not a problem, just please ensure it has their name on it.

If your child has an allergy or dietary requirement, please note this on your enrolment form and we can discuss this with you.  Our cooks have a lot of experience catering for dietary requirements such as lactose intolerance, wheat and gluten intolerance, nut allergies, egg allergies and soya intolerances.

Our latest menu for Spring/Summer 2017 can be downloaded here.

We have revised the nursery menu to ensure that we are providing the children with as many portions of the recommended daily allowances of the five food groups as we can during their nursery day. The desserts that the children have at nursery are all fruit or milk based and where a dessert requires sugar within the recipe we have either halved this amount or have cut this out completely. This can be downloaded here. If you would like any further information regarding the menu please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Watson the Nursery Manager.

Allergen information related to the menu can be downloaded here for main meals, desserts, and teas. If your child is sensitive or allergic to particular foods then please familiarise yourself with the allergen information for each of the meals and advise the nursery in writing about any specific issues.


* Children are offered a drink with their meal - as well as throughout the day.

* All sauces are home made on the premises - please ask our staff for details of contents.

* All recipes can be altered to suit special dietary requirements - just ask.


Previous Menus For Information:

Summer example menu can be downloaded here.

Autumn/Winter example menu (From 2016/17) can be downloaded here.





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