Learning and Development

Having fun is great! But we offer so much more than fun.  When planning for children's development we look at all 7 areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS):

Physical Development

With all of the outdoor space we have at Rainbow, children's physical development is high on the agenda.  As well as physical exercise, healthy food is big part of making and understanding the importance of healthy choices.  We help develop their coordination, control, manipulation and movement. Within the Baby Nursery there is a soft play room dedicated to encouraging the children's physical skills.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development.
We encourage children to develop a positive sense of themselves and others, to form positive relationships and to develop respect for others.  We encourage them to develop social skills, learn how to manage their feelings, to understand appropriate behaviour in groups and to have confidence in their own abilities.

Communication and Language
Rainbow Nursery provides an environment that  is rich with language and provide opportunities for children to communicate in a variety of ways and in a variety of situations.   As well as communicating we also encourage the children to develop listening skills.

Expressive Art and Design
We enable children to explore a wide range of materials which encourage them to share thoughts, ideas and feelings through music and movement, messy play and role play.      

Understanding the World
Children's understanding of the world that they live in is an important part of their learning - we talk about our families at home, how plants and trees grow, and the objects that  exist in our world.      

We use our environment at Rainbow to develop children's basic mathematic skills, by asking the children how may cows they can see whilst they are playing with the farm, counting the number of children that are in that day or by singing counting songs.  We also offer toys throughout the age groups  that will develop children's understanding of shapes from basic jigsaws and shape sorters in the baby nursery to talking about different shape names in the preschool.


Children at Rainbow are given access to a wide range of mark making equipment from a young age.  This gives children opportunities to develop the fine motor skills that they will need when they begin to learn to write.  From the baby nursery right through to the preschool we read stories to the children every day and have an array of books that the children can freely access.     


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