Other Information

Home Link Diaries
We operate a "Home Link Diary" system - these are the parent - nursery communication tool. They’re vital for you to follow what your child has done each day.

Security is strict at Rainbow Nursery School. Staff will only admit people they know. If a relative or friend is collecting a child, please telephone to inform the nursery and they must know a pre-agreed password.

Meal Times
All meals are home-cooked on our premises by our two cooks who use fresh, local ingredients. Meals are planned to ensure balance and variety.

Development of Skills
We’re more than just a place where your child goes. We’re about fun, learning, growing, playing and developing.

There’s over 600 years of experience within the Rainbow team! Many of us are parents ourselves and understand the joys of bringing up children.

School collection
For the Rainbow Junior Club, we use our own mini buses for drop-off and collection. These are fitted with children’s safety belts.


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